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What Is Drama?

Our Drama program emphasizes the importance of fusing technical skill with creative inspiration to mold students into well-equipped and versatile actors.







Types of classes

Beginning Drama, Advanced Drama, and Honors Theatre are all taught by Ms. Phillips

  • Begining Drama - (either Period 2 or 3)

  • Advanced Drama - (Period 4) 

  • Honors Theatre - (Period 4) 

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Page Phillips

drama Teacher

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Talk to your counselor about joining a drama class! 

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What You Learn

Begining Drama - This is the first acting class students may take, and it prepares you for Advanced Drama. In this class you will learn the basic skills required for all actors: how to use your body, voice, and emotions to portray believable characters. Some of the things you will learn include, but are not limited to, Pantomime, Improvisation, Scene Work, and the study of Playwrights. 

Advanced Drama - This is the second acting course offered at Keppel, and comes before Honors Theatre. In Advanced Drama we continue the work we began in Beginning Drama, but the goal is to develop a deeper understanding of Theatre. typically, this class participates in many field trips, offers writing and directing opportunities, and works with the Honors Theatre students to create our "Page to Stage" shows for elementary school students. 

Honors theatre - honors is the highest level acting course offered at Keppel, and is a weighted Theatre course. The biggest difference between Advanced Drama and Honors Theatre, is the Capstone Project. This project is a year-long, research and performance based assignment that is mandatory for completion of the course. 

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