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What Is Technical Theatre?

Our Technical Theatre program is a hands-on learning experience that immerses students in the behind the scenes production of the theatre arts, including lighting, costuming, set design, sound design, and more. 


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Scenic Artist

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Types of classes

Begining Tech-
    (Period 5 or 7)

Advanced Tech -
    (Period 4, 5, or 7) 


Tim Gillette

Your Future Tech Teacher

How to sign up

Talk to your counselor about joining a Technical Theatre class! 

Only students who have taken a year of beginning technical theatre may sign up for advanced technical theatre!

What You Learn

BEGINNING TECH - This is the first course offered in Technical Theatre and is the prerequisite to Advanced Tech .  The focus of this class is on the basics, which include, but are not limited to, safety issues, set construction, proper use of tools, prop and costume creation and organization, show crews, lighting and sound board operations, spot light operations and fly rail. 

ADVANCED TECH - The highest level course we offer, although many students are in advanced for up to three years.  Advanced students become mentors for the beginning tech students and also grow more in the area of design.  Many advanced students become Stage Managers, Production Managers, Assistant Directors, Floor Crew Chiefs and several other advanced positions on shows.

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