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Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have to be in Theatre Classes at Keppel to join Theatre Company?"


You DO NOT have to be enrolled in Theatre classes to join Theatre Company. However, being trained in theatre through one of our many classes IS advisable. Also, in order to work tech on a show, you must be in a tech theatre class. 

Auditions for shows are open to everyone and will be posted on this site when available.

"What is a Thespian and how do I become one?"


The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the Honor Society of which Theatre Co. is a member (Troupe 1764!). A Thespian is either an actor or tech theatre student who has been inducted in ITS. To be inducted in ITS, you must participate in MKHS shows either on stage or behind the stage. Once you are inducted and become a Thespian, you will continue to earn points toward receiving your Honor Cord. So, the more you are involved in theatre, the more points you earn and the sooner you will be inducted. 

Click here to learn more about

The International Thespian Society!

Why join Theatre Company?


Theatre Company is a safe, welcoming space which gives students a sense of belonging and leaves them with a lasting, positive impact. Students often figure out who they are throughout their time in Theatre Company and a huge credit goes to the environment created by those in the company.  All are welcome here Always!

"What classes does the Theatre Program offer?"


The MKHS Theatre Program offers acting and technical theatre classes which train students to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and active members of our ever changing, global society. 

Classes include:

Beginning Drama (9-12)

Advanced Drama (10-12)

Honors Theatre (11-12)

Beginning Tech Theatre (9-12)

Advanced Tech Theatre (10-12)

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